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  • Really like the texture and gives me a nice natural glossy look.
  • Found this very useful on holiday, best thing i have ever had for sunburn.
  • Love This!! Got burnt in this hot weather - took it with me on holiday and stopped me peeling - very happy!!
  • Such a lovely gift, thank you. Made my job very easy for my new granddaughter.
  • Love this! Tried them all but Strawberry is my fav, leaves lips so soft, and such quick results. Use it as my lip gloss!
  • I have yet to find something this doesnt work on! spots, acne, rashes, excema, dry lips,flaky skin - its an all rounder for me! take it with me everywhere.
  • Really good value for money this bundle pack!! Thank you Avernaco - i always use the Make It Better Balm so was really happy to find the Happy Bottom cream now in a bundle pack with it. Recommend both!
  • I have been using this paw paw on my patches of eczema for a couple of years now. I am a natural and organic freak so glad to find one so good that is not a chemical like petroleum jelly
  • This is such a great product! As it says - so gentle, leaves my baby smelling gorgeous. Would definitely recommend. I love the fact that i know i am not putting any nasties on my babies delicate skin.
  • Simply gorg lip gloss. Leaves you feeling good. Will be buying again. xx

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