What would you search on Google? Is it Double Point Harness or 2 Point Harness?


When we are searching for information, prices or where to shop for an item, it sometimes proves challenging to know what to put in our search to bring up the correct results.

The double point safety harness has a connection point on the front and rear of the harness

The rear D-ring is for Fall Arrest and the front is for Fall Restraint or Rescue. This is due to the fact the rear D-ring comes up behind the head when deployed, avoiding harm to the face.

In principle, you may use the front anchor point in the equal manner, however the chance is, while deployed, the hoop or anchor point could come up under the chin.

Now, if you are looking online for this kind of product, what might you search?  Two Point or Double Point?

While a safety harness has one point, we search for 1 point or single point, and when a safety harness has 3 points, we say triple point.

So why when a harness has 2 points, we don’t say double point?

We will be posting more in the near future giving information on the various types of Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses but in the meantime, please check out our range of Aresta Safety products, a reputable and well known and loved brand or Height Safety products.

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