What are lanyards used for in height safety?


Safety lanyards play an essential part in working at height. They form the connection between safety harness of the worker and a secure anchor point. There are many different lanyards available which all serve a different role.


Why use a safety lanyard?

The secure connection from the safety harness to the chosen safe anchor point will prevent the worker from accidents and from falling to the ground.


Where do you attach a safety lanyard?

You connect to the screw gate carabiner to the D-ring on the rear of the harness and the other the other end is to be connected to a secure anchor point. It is important to make sure you have researched or taken advise for the correct lanyard for the job.


What should you do before using a lanyard?

It is important to check over and inspect your lanyard prior to using it. Whether you have used it the day before or you are new to it, this check is a must!  Check it has been stored correctly.  Whilst being stored, it is possible that it may have been damaged by a rodent, incurred a cut damage or a potential chemical spill damage. You must check the connection points are all in a good working order prior to use.  Remember at all times, the purpose of the lanyard and its critical job in fall prevention and fall arrest.


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