What is the New UK Power Strategy?




The UK is set to build up to eight more nuclear reactors, which may be approved on existing sites as part of a new strategy. This comes in a response to the invasion of Ukraine and with an effort to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers, including Russia, for natural gas and oil supply.  The plan is to boost Britain’s energy security and long-term independence by a quicker expansion of nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, oil and gas, including delivering the equivalent to one nuclear reactor a year instead of one a decade

A Boost for Long-Term Energy Independence

A promise for cleaner and more affordable energy to be made in Great Britain to boost long-term energy independence, security, and prosperity. There are new commitments to supercharge clean energy and accelerate deployment, which hopes to see around 95% of Great Britain’s electricity to be low carbon by 2030.

An Increase In Wind Power

Part of the bold plan outlines production of up to 50 gigawatts (GW) of energy through sustainable offshore wind farms, which could power every home in the UK and more!  Providing availability for more jobs in clean industries with an estimated total of 480,000 jobs by 2030.


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