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Eco.kid head lice bomb 60ml

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The only eco-balanced, certified organic anti-lice treatment.

  • created with pure plant essences
  • gentle and kind to children
  • helps the removal of head lice and their eggs

Directions for use:

  1. Divide the dry hair and apply a small amount of Lice Bomb to begin on the scalp, at the hairline in the neck and behind the ears.
  2. Then work accurately along the hairline to the top so that the whole head is round treats.
  3. Massage the Lice Bomb - through the roots of the hair to the crown - with an upward movement, then massage toward the hairline of the forehead.
  4. Add if desired, additional drops of Lice Bomb in order to allow for a thorough coverage of the scalp.
  5. Make sure Lice Bomb does not get into the eyes, because this will cause stinging (if there still eye contact occurs rinse eyes with plenty of cold water).
  6. Once a thin layer is applied to the entire scalp leave to soak about 20 minutes.
  7. Then it's time to use the enclosed lice comb. Comb the hair from the root to the tip. This method will ensure that lice are removed from the hair.
  8. Wipe on a comb or tissue each time before continuing to comb.
  9. Repeat this procedure regularly .
  10. Rinse it off with warm water.
  11. Use the Prevent shampoo to wash eco.kid Lice Bomb Botanical Complex from the hair and to clean the hair.
  12. If required continue the treatment with the Hydrate Conditioner.
  13. For maximum effect repeat the above procedure after 5-7 days, or if new lice appear.


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  • Obsessed with this! Is like a thick butter on your lips and is not sticky like other all natural paw paw balms.
  • Very happy with service and too this product really works. Great for pain relief.
  • Both my girlfriend and myself use Karma Rub after jogging every day to relax the aches and help the muscles causing a problem. Excellent product.
  • Great for my hands before and after a day doing garden maintenance.
  • Great products at great price! Been using these for 1 year now and so good.
  • I was recommended to try this and can only say how impressed I am. It was very fast to make a difference to my daughters eczema. I must add I am normally skeptical about change but well worthwhile this time!!!
  • Really pleased with the results and has helped with my shoulder aches.
  • By far the best product on the market. Love it loads.
  • Miracal in a bottle! Amazing! Bought various products looking for relief from Plantar Fasciitis to no avail, but this worked almost instantly.
  • Miracal in a bottle! Amazing! Bought various products looking for relief from Plantar Fasciitis to no avail, but this worked almost instantly.


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