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Karma Rub 100% Natural Liquid Magnesium with Zinc, Iron, Copper & Lithium, 100ml

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100% Natural Liquid Magnesium with Zinc, Iron, Copper & Lithium

Karma Rub is a 100% natural Australian product with extremely high levels of Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper& Lithium, to assist muscle recovery, repair and relaxation and improve your body’s mineral health.

“Taken from the ground as nature intended”
“Mineral springs you can carry in a bottle”
“Liquid Magnesium for the skin that just keeps on giving”

To be used on the skin:

- Muscle – Recovery, Repair, Relaxation
- Relaxes – Muscles, Nerves & Tendons
- Targets – Area of Body directly

Assists with arthritis, Osteo and Rheumatoid, spurs, cramps, muscle tension, inflammation and much more….

Karma Rub is a 100% Australian owned and produced product with extremely high levels of magnesium, trace elements of zinc, iron, copper and lithium to assist with muscle recovery, repair and relaxation & improve your bodies mineral health.

From the Karma Rub family:

“We are a family run business that totally believes in the therapeutic benefits of Karma Rub. When we discovered the natural resource on our family lands, we tested the natural product to find out what it was and what it could do for us. The results were promising.
After using the concentrate personally for a while, Karma Rub was bottled for friends and family, expanding and eventually growing into what you see today.
It is not just Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Chloride. We don't take salt flakes and add water as some of the other companies do. Karma Rub is natural, full of other minerals that the bodies needs and from what our users are telling us, Karma Rub does much, much more than our competitors”.

Three times more absorbent than powder or Magnesium tablets.

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  • Really like the texture and gives me a nice natural glossy look.
  • Found this very useful on holiday, best thing i have ever had for sunburn.
  • Love This!! Got burnt in this hot weather - took it with me on holiday and stopped me peeling - very happy!!
  • Such a lovely gift, thank you. Made my job very easy for my new granddaughter.
  • Love this! Tried them all but Strawberry is my fav, leaves lips so soft, and such quick results. Use it as my lip gloss!
  • I have yet to find something this doesnt work on! spots, acne, rashes, excema, dry lips,flaky skin - its an all rounder for me! take it with me everywhere.
  • Really good value for money this bundle pack!! Thank you Avernaco - i always use the Make It Better Balm so was really happy to find the Happy Bottom cream now in a bundle pack with it. Recommend both!
  • I have been using this paw paw on my patches of eczema for a couple of years now. I am a natural and organic freak so glad to find one so good that is not a chemical like petroleum jelly
  • This is such a great product! As it says - so gentle, leaves my baby smelling gorgeous. Would definitely recommend. I love the fact that i know i am not putting any nasties on my babies delicate skin.
  • Simply gorg lip gloss. Leaves you feeling good. Will be buying again. xx


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