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NatraPower HandShield Liquid Gloves! Industrial 150ml

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NatraPower HandShield Instant Glove will moisturise and nourish whilst it locks out external skin irritants such as chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents, caustic cleaners, bleach, adhesives, detergents, paints, inks, dyes, odours, grease, oils, dirt/grime, water and many more.

- Protects against 100’s of skin irritants

- Light non-greasy natural formula

- Lasts for 4 hours plus

- Skin nourishing ingredients

- Allows skin to breather and heal naturally even with repeated washes

- Dermatologically tested

- Proven to protect and restore working hands

HandShield Instant Glove is free from Petroleum and parabens whilst containing active ingredients of aloe vera, caster seed oil, jojoba oil and allantoin. Recommended for exposed skin areas to protect and may be used in conjunction with rubber/latex gloves for additional protection.

HandShield Instant Glove Industrial is a proven, effective formula for maintaining safe hands at work. It provides you with peace of mind that once it has been applied, after wash up you will have clean and healthy looking hands.

HandShield Instant Glove gives you protection against common irritants that can cause your hands to become cracked, dry,sore and bleeding which can seriously affect your ability to work efficiently.

The dermatologically tested formula is great for these common trades:

Automotive: Prevents grease, grime, brake dust, petrol, lubricants and other substances from penetrating your skin and makes them easier to clean at the end of the day.

Mining: Dirt, grime and various outdoor chemicals can irritate and damage your skin. Hand Shield Instant Gloves makes your hands easier to clean and prevents the skin from being damaged by harsh chemicals, and stops the need to constantly wash your hands.

Construction: HandShield Instant Gloves protects against paints, concrete, plaster, silicone and adhesives. It also helps reduce wash up time and prevents these substances from sticking to the skin.

Farming: Dirt, grime, grease and other farming chemicals can wreak havoc on hands out in the elements. HandShield Instant Gloves will nourish skin, while locking out these external skin irritants allowing farmers to carry on their working days uninterrupted.

Hospitality: Garlic, onion, vinegar and other food items can cause irritation to your skin, it helps protect small abrasions and prevents odours from penetrating the skin. Hand Shield Instant Gloves will also protect your hands from drying out due to detergents and excessive washing.

Hairdressing/Beauty Salons: Prevents staining and irritation from inks, dyes, fake tan, adhesives, chemicals and more.

Whatever your day throws at you, make sure you protect your greatest assets with NatraPower HandShield Instant Gloves.

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  • Obsessed with this! Is like a thick butter on your lips and is not sticky like other all natural paw paw balms.
  • Very happy with service and too this product really works. Great for pain relief.
  • Both my girlfriend and myself use Karma Rub after jogging every day to relax the aches and help the muscles causing a problem. Excellent product.
  • Great for my hands before and after a day doing garden maintenance.
  • Great products at great price! Been using these for 1 year now and so good.
  • I was recommended to try this and can only say how impressed I am. It was very fast to make a difference to my daughters eczema. I must add I am normally skeptical about change but well worthwhile this time!!!
  • Really pleased with the results and has helped with my shoulder aches.
  • By far the best product on the market. Love it loads.
  • Miracal in a bottle! Amazing! Bought various products looking for relief from Plantar Fasciitis to no avail, but this worked almost instantly.
  • Miracal in a bottle! Amazing! Bought various products looking for relief from Plantar Fasciitis to no avail, but this worked almost instantly.


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