GRIPPS Battery Catch Holster

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A true game-changer when it comes to securing power tools for working at height, the Battery Catch Holster combines hot-swap flexibility with zero operational impact. A reinforced nylon housing with an adjustable strap makes the Battery Catch Holster compatible with virtually all power tool brands.

By turning your battery pack into a hot-swappable tool tether point, you can rapidly tether power tools as required by simply plugging in the battery. Traditional tethering methods for power tools, such as tether anchors and hitch’s, impact usability by taking up grip space. The Battery Catch Holster avoids this through intelligent, flexible design that keeps right out of the way when you’re working.

Key Features

  • Tethers your power tool and battery in a singular holster.
  • Compatible with virtually all power tool brand batteries.
  • Ability to remove and plug the battery into power tools whilst inside the holster.
  • Tough reinforced nylon housing for long term durability
  • No impact on the grip area, affecting power tool usability.


  • Max Load: 4.5kg

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