GRIPPS 10 Tool Tether Kit With Bull Bag

£138.00 Excl. VAT

The ideal kit for the worker with occasional at-height tasks. The 10 Tool Tether Kit With Bull Bag features the core items that make up the Gripps drop-prevention system and is designed to cater to 10+ tools.

Kit Contents:
3 x H01005 Tool Catch (12mm x 55mm)
3 x H01006 Tool Catch (25mm x 90mm)
1 x H01057 Dual Arm Tool Hitch
2 x H01073 Bungee Tether Dual-Action – 7.0kg
1 x H01010 V-Gripp Tape
1 x H01085 Slip-On Wrist Anchor (Medium)
1 x H01067 Webbing Wrist Tether Sing-Action – 2.5kg
1 x H01110 Bull Bag
2 x H01021 Swivel Catch
2 x H01030 Screwlock Cable (3mm x 120mm)
2 x H01031 Screwlock Cable (3mm x 150mm)

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