Heavy Duty Tool-Hitch – 36.0kg

£17.50 Excl. VAT

Versatile and strong, the Tool-Hitch range has you covered when working with power tools and heavies at height. The Heavy Duty Tool-Hitch is the strongest of the pack, rated to a massive 36kg. A simple choking mechanism in three variations allows the Tool-Hitch to secure anything from power tools to crowbars to sledgehammers. By creating a loop around an open or enclosed handle, the Heavy Duty Tool-Hitch produces a simple but strong and dependable tool connection point. For application on open spaces, such as a sledgehammer handle, the Single, Dual Arm and Heavy Duty Tool-Hitch variations allow you to anchor the Tool-Hitch in position with the use of V-Gripp Tape.

Key Features

  • Four variations allow for application to virtually every power/heavy tool.
  • Instantaneous application to tools with an enclosed area.
  • Tactical grade nylon for maximum strength.
  • Four variations are available.


  • Max Load: 36.0kg Variations: No Arm,
  • Single Arm, Dual Arm, Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Tool-Hitch – 36.0kg

£17.50 Excl. VAT

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