What Needs to be Assessed for Working at Height?


What you need to do:

As shown on the HSE website, it stated the law requires that both employers and self-employed contractors need to assess the risk involved from working at height and are required to plan and organise the work to ensure it is carried out safely.

Where possible they recommend avoiding working at height. When work at height is required, you must prevent or arrest a fall and risk of injury.

HSE say “Instruct and train your workforce in the precautions needed. Method statements are widely used in the construction industry to help manage the work and communicate what is required to all those involved.”

The key issues for any work at height are:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Precautions Required
  • Method Statement

Stats show that over 60% of deaths during working at height involve falls from ladders, scaffolding, work platforms and roof edges.  Work at height is the biggest single cause of fatal and serious injury in the construction industry.

To find out more of the requirements and help on Risk Assessment, the Precautions Required, Method Statements and various resources, please head to hse.gov.uk Construction, Safety Topics

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