Gripps Tool Tethers: Ensuring Secure Connections for Devices

gripps global tool tether hitch height safety

Gripps Tool Tethers are a well-established company with a wealth of experience spanning over three decades. They specialize in manufacturing top-quality tethering solutions for the oil and gas industry, earning them a stellar reputation as a trusted industry name. Their extensive product range includes Gripps Tool Tethering, Gripps UK, and Gripps Global, all aimed at […]

Scaffolding Harness: Working at Height

Scaffolder Harness Working at Height Safety

Scaffolding Harness Working at height poses significant risks, and safety should always be the top priority. One crucial safety measure that should never be overlooked is the use of a scaffold harness. In this blog, we will explore the importance of using a scaffold harness when working at height. By understanding its benefits and following […]

What Needs to be Assessed for Working at Height?


What you need to do: As shown on the HSE website, it stated the law requires that both employers and self-employed contractors need to assess the risk involved from working at height and are required to plan and organise the work to ensure it is carried out safely. Where possible they recommend avoiding working at […]

What is the New UK Power Strategy?


  NEW UK POWER STRATEGY The UK is set to build up to eight more nuclear reactors, which may be approved on existing sites as part of a new strategy. This comes in a response to the invasion of Ukraine and with an effort to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers, including Russia, for natural gas […]

What are lanyards used for in height safety?


Safety lanyards play an essential part in working at height. They form the connection between safety harness of the worker and a secure anchor point. There are many different lanyards available which all serve a different role.   Why use a safety lanyard? The secure connection from the safety harness to the chosen safe anchor […]

What would you search on Google? Is it Double Point Harness or 2 Point Harness?


When we are searching for information, prices or where to shop for an item, it sometimes proves challenging to know what to put in our search to bring up the correct results. The double point safety harness has a connection point on the front and rear of the harness The rear D-ring is for Fall […]

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